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Fuck Hams

Putting the Amateur into Amateur Radio


Fuck Hams is an Imageboard focused on amateur radio. Like many imageboards the content is satirical or downright offensive in nature. There's no censorship here only a few basic rules.

If you're new to imageboard style discussion, lurk first and then contribuite, lest you incur the wrath of the users.

The various boards are listed at the top of the page, and as of now are:

Anything goes:

/b/   - Random
/pol/ - Politics including ham politics
/s/ - Sexy Hams: The land of the FUPA
/kkk/ - ARES/RACES and all things public service

Standard boards:

/mot/ - Commercial Radio Discussion
/ccp/ - Baofeng/Chinese/RDA1846 Radio Discusion
/f/ - Swap Meets and Ham Fests
/h/ - Making/Building you own radios
/q/ - Meta Board: Support and Questions about FuckHams.com
/qst/ - All things ARRL
/x/ - Non US focused radio

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Fuckhams has stickers available!


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