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Know Your Fucking Place, Trash

Filthy Frank Would be proud.
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Delivery inbound
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Trade for ammo

Alms for the poor!?!?
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Spectral Purity = Rectal Purity

>Imma use my $36 RTL-SDR to prove my BowFang is superior. Suck it Bryan…

When mush heads like this apply for a LMR position, do you dismiss them immediately or pretend to continue the interview in a serious manner for the lolz?
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General Tso's Baofeng

I'll QSO you from 150 miles away in the thickest jungles of Mongolia boi.
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Let's talk Tier I vs II…. MD-680. I spent more time than I'd like to admit downloading sketchy firmware and blowing it into this turd. Does it do dual TS? Kinda… the 30ms timing was sloppy, resulting in a ratty TDMA.There was some energy/bits in the other TS. I got on Rocky Mountain Ham DMR, and got yelled at by one of their sysadmins. No loss that system sux anyways. It was working halfass for a while, then one day I keyed up and it went from TDMA brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to dead carrier….. I just cant give up on this turd. It's almost ok….