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November QST

Tonight we Yiff on 75 meters!
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Even hams don’t want to watch hams eat.

Even hams don’t want to watch hams eat.
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All The CALLSIGNS You Ever Wanted...

Callsigns are FREE, as in Freedom!
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Feel The Wrath!

Feel My 5 Watt Wrath!!!

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Antenna Spray!

For those pesky SWRs…
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Sad Ham...

Could You Be A "Sad Ham" And Not Know It?

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Radio Reference is Cancer

Why are hams so autistic?
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Friday Night Ham Club Meetings

Saturday breakfast is about the same, but with syrup.
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Stickers? STICKERS!

Who wants stickers? Leave your call below and some will be sent to you FCC address. It’s a random assortment of the ones in the picture.

Best action shot or hamfest placement wins a fuckhams gold subscription.

(Saber for scale)
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AMSAT Launch

Latest Cube sat launch video
R: 1 / I: 1

Invalid call

Which one of you was calling cq on 20m ft8 today?
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Ferrites to avoid feedback

Extracted from https://youtu.be/W-fSogDA_a0 where he explains the ferrites are to avoid feedback.
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I did not know that finding information outside of YouTube was suddenly such a rare and proclusive skill
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Captian NAS

Please sir, I'd like some NAS.
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cat /dev/rand

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Worst Installs Ever

What's the worst ham-grade install you have ever seen?
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Ever notice

How there's a bunch of creepers in Ham Radio?
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King Stupid

The King of Non-Affiliate Scan

this cat asked a system admin how to program his radio for their county's system.