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I did not know that finding information outside of YouTube was suddenly such a rare and proclusive skill


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Speaking of tone, the Mormons we’re having their net tonight and we’re chattier than normal because some of them could hear a guy and some couldn’t. One guy finally went to the input and couldn’t hear him there so homeboy wasn’t using the repeater he was just transmitting on the output. Which is a mistake youre allowed to make the immediately week after you get your “ticket” and never again. This discussion goes on for 5+ minutes before some genius asks if he’s got the wrong tone. Mfer he could have a tone of 420.69 and it wouldn’t make a shit of difference because HES ON THE WRONG GD FREQUENCY. This is radio programming 101 why is anyone having trouble understanding how this works? Pic related



I'll be happy to explain and teach anyone anything radio related. Can't get a grasp of tone squelch? Something you can't get your head around about DMR? Having a hard time understanding NVIS and frequencies of optimum transmission? Spit it out.

When somebody asks me what buttons to press to operate their particular piece of equipment, I tell them to fuck off.
If you can't take the effort to read the fucking manual, this hobby is not for you. Fuck off and don't waste my time.

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