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All Commercial Radio discussion is welcome here, but keep the Hytera/Baofeng in /ccp/


alright so a few months ago I was THIS close to picking up a 110watt Quantar repeater on 450MHz for 100 euro. Eventually decided against it because it's fuckhuge and heavy, and way too much RF power, not to mention missing the entire duplexer. No way I could set that bitch up at home without getting the local FCC at the door

tell me, should I've done it?



yea, you tard. 100 euros is cheap for that.

Go buy a duplexer, it is always separate.



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I had seven Quantar VHF R1 stations that I sold for scrap metal and bought a brand new Yaesu DR-2X. I don't think those old heavy boat anchors have the performance of this new digital ham gear. Quantars don't even have a touch screen. Did I mess up?

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